iphone 6 HD Screen Protector4
iphone 6 HD Screen Protector5iphone 6 HD Clear Screen Protectoriphone 6 HD Screen Protector4

iPhone 6 HD Clear Screen Protector


Offers tough, durable, transparent surface while keeping the screen clean

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Product Description

Iphone  6 HD Clear Screen Protector

  1. 100% new with high quality material . perfect protective the iP6 touch screen .
  2. Perfect manufacturing process , perfectly fitness for iPhone 6 .
  3. Protect your device from dirt, stains and scratches .
  4. Comfortable sensation when using it .
  5. Shield and Protect your Screen from Unwanted Scratches
  6. Attaches smoothly with self-adhering surface;leaves no residue when removed
  7. Smooth glossy finish material – No cheap plastic
  8. 100% Transparent: unmatched clarity
  9. Non-adhesive backing, will not leave sticky residue
  10. Can be cleaned with water and used repeatedly
  11. Quickly and Easily adhere directly to your Screen